The University Staff Council requires each representative to serve on at least one internal committee. Click on the committee names below to see membership and contact information.

Executive Committee:
Ensures overall USC group cohesiveness and the validity and attainment of collective group goals

Branch Committee:
Collaborates with branch campuses of Texas A&M to review, discuss, improve, and implement recommendations unique to this group of constituents.

Communications and Outreach Committee:
Seeks to increase the visibility and accessibility of the USC to, and by, all staff.

Elections Committee:
Oversees and ensures the elections for equal representation of staff under the Office of the President.

Community Engagement and Respect in the Workplace Committee
Engage staff to foster a culture of respect for all people who work and visit Texas A&M University.

Professional Development Committee:
Promotes professional development opportunities for the USC representatives each year of representation.

Staff Emergency Fund Committee:
Manages the Staff Emergency Fund program which was established to provide limited financial assistance to staff under the leadership of the Office of the President.

Work Life and Benefits Committee:
Works to enhance the quality of work life for university employees.