About Us


The stated mission of the University Staff Council (USC) is to represent the interests of and address the issues impacting both classified and non-classified staff employees under the leadership of the Texas A&M University President.


The Council will provide a voice and integrate staff perspective by:

  1. Acting as a conduit for two-way communication between staff and administration.
  2. Engaging staff and bringing their interests before the administration.
  3. Identifying University issues and their impact on staff.
  4. Exploring and researching possible solutions.
  5. Providing options and recommendations to the President.
  6. Interacting with other councils.

The University Staff Council will not act in an advocacy role in any specific employee/employer policy matter or dispute within the University, nor will it assume the role of arbitrator in any such matter. Employees are encouraged to work directly with their supervisor or management personnel, or their appropriate Human Resources office, if issues are specific to their personal situation. Employees submitting inquiries to this website should be aware that an inquiry will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the University Staff Council for response.

History & Archives

The University Staff Advisory Council Task Force was formed in the fall of 2007.  Its purpose was to collect staff expectations and goals for the planned staff advisory council and to provide recommendations to Interim President Davis on how to move forward in establishing the council.  The council, once established, would discuss issues that impact non-faculty staff and serve as a source of advice to the President.

Annual Reports

The USC's annual reports give a comprehensive report on the Councils activities throughout the preceding year.  Annual reports are intended to give staff and other interested people information about the Council's activities and financial performance.