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Is there a cost for EOD courses for employees at the Galveston Campus?

There is no additional charge for Galveston employees to attend our planned courses. There will be a charge for some new programs/ courses; but, the charge will be no more than what employees on main campus are charged.

Are years of service pins (or other recognition) given to employees who transferred from TAMUG or TAMUS?

The recognition program at TAMUG should be the same as TAMU.  TAMUS is a separate entity and they have their own state service recognition program.
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Are there any plans for establishing a policy for someone to donate vacation or sick time to someone who needs to care for a veteran who is may be spouse or parent?

This is something that is available through the Sick Leave Pool for any employee to request.
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How can I find out more information about the USC?

Our website would be a good place to start. There you can find more information about the USC and our mission. Meetings are open to all visitors. If you still have questions after visiting our website and/or attending a meeting, please let us know.
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Are non-affiliated employees (Aztec custodial for Transportation Services) in any way eligible for the staff emergency fund?

No, applicants must meet these requirements: · Applicants must be in an active, benefits-eligible, non-faculty, university staff position. · Applicants must have at least one year continuous employment as a Texas A&M staff member. · Applicants must not have received a SEF grant within the past two years. · Applicants must have experienced a temporary financial hardship to be awarded funds. · Applicants must not be an active member of the University Staff Council. Please see complete details on the Staff Emergency Fund.
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Do directors serve on your staff council?

Yes, we do have some directors serving as representatives on the University Staff Council. However, we encourage staff who have not had as many professional development opportunities to consider being nominated to serve on the USC.
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