Title Presenter Date

USC Monthly Meeting and Representative Retreat (Access Password: 5+962cK&)

  July 21, 2020

 "SAY HOWDY" - Doug Pitcock '49, TAMU Hotel & Conference Center 

Ms. Tory Enriquez, Director of Sales & Marketing February 19, 2019

IT Governance Program - Learning Management System (LMS) Review Process

Mr. Joshua Kissee, Chief of Staff to the Vice President for IT and CIO January 15, 2019

Faith in the Workplace

Dr. Roger Martinez December 18, 2018

Bush - Wellborn Road Crossing

Mr. Tim Lomax and Ms Madison Metsket-Galarza, Texas A&M Transportation Institute July 7, 2017
Texas A&M Mobile App - Staff Advisory Group Mr. Erick Beck, Director of Web Development May 16, 2017
Outreach Survey - USC Membership Doug Sweet, Vice Chairperson USC April 18, 2017
Professional Development Rebecca Eaton, Professional Dvelopment Committee Chair March 21, 2017
Title IX - Sexual Discriminations, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault & Violenece Lori A. Williams, Title IX Coordinator December 20, 2016
Campus Master Plan Lilia Gonzales, University Architect November 15, 2016
System-wide Pay Plan and Overtime Regulations Elizabeth Schwartz
Director of Workforce Management
August 16, 2016
Wellness Works Mary Schubert, Engagement Coordinator July 19, 2016
Employee & Organizational Development Anne Mayer, Director June 21, 2016
Campus Carry Report Chief J. Michael Ragan, Texas A&M University Police Department May 17, 2016
First Amendment Rights, Qualified Immunity and Protecting Immunity Dr. Dave Parrott, Executive Associate Vice President for Student Services April 19, 2016
Sick Leave Direct Donations Sarah Tobola, Assistant Director March 8, 2016
Step In Stand Up Rebecca Watts March 8, 2016
Office of Safety and Security Dr. David Breeding, Environmental Health and Safety January 19, 2016
Live the Green Dot Ending Violence in Aggieland-One Green Dot at a Time Risa Bierman, Student Assistant Services, Offices of the Dean of Student Life December 15, 2015
Annenberg Presidential Conference Center Sarah Henrichs October 20, 2015
Memorial Student Center Rick Greig, Senior Associate Director July 21, 2015
Office of Sustainability Kelly Wellman, Sustainability Officer June 16, 2015
Division of Marketing & Communications Erick Beck, Director May 19.2015
REC Sports Dennis Corrington, Executive Director April 21, 2015
Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center Ray R. Riley, Manager February 27, 2015
Equine Initiative Dr. Jim Heird, Executive Professor January 20, 2015
Permit Rate Increases Mr. Peter Lange, Executive Director December 16, 2015
America To Go, by TAMU Procurement Services Mr. Paul Barazk and Ms. Patty Winkler November 18, 2014
Employee Assistance Program Dr. Anna Satterfield October 21, 2014
Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital Ms. Kelly J. Eblin August 19,2014