How to Become a USC Representative

University Staff Council Representatives elections are held in each college or division every third year.
A timeline set by the USC Election Committee is followed every year:

  • Extended invitation to unrepresented groups
  • Elections committee chair will inform unit head or college dean of upcoming vacancy; request an elections coordinator from the unit head or college dean. Once this information is received the elections committee chair sends nominations packets to the unit elections coordinator.
    • The College or Division elections coordinator then sends out a call within their college or division to solicit nominees
    • Individuals can be nominated to run by self-nomination, by peers or supervisors. They must complete the nomination packet and obtain signatures as stated, not be a faculty member, have a work performance that meets or exceeds expectations or above, and not be in a formal disciplinary process.
    • Ensure the forms are correct and complete; sets an Election Date, holds the election/s then submits all elections packets and nominees name normally by the end of June
    • Newly elected nominees/representatives assume their position on the Staff Council in the following September.

Representatives’ terms last for 3 years and they must attend and participate in monthly meetings, serve on one committee and attend committee meetings, assist at special events and supports-works events planning and during staff appreciation week.