Inclusion, Equality & Respect in the Workplace

The IERW Committee was established to engage staff to foster a culture of respect for ALL people who work and visit Texas A&M University.  We want everyone who comes to campus to feel a sense of welcoming and belonging.  This committee will fulfill the need for a united campus-wide staff effort to promote a culture of respect to ensure alignment with Texas A&M’s mission and core values and to support Vision 2020 goals.  This committee will promote University initiatives on inclusion, equality and respect of all peoples and collaborate with appropriate committees on campus to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.   Historically meets monthly

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  • Allison Harms, Chair
  • Annie Crump
  • Cindy Hurt
  • B B Gaytan
  • Jennifer Kuehn
  • Brittany Ramsey


The Council does not publish names from inquiries received and deals with inquiries as if submitted anonymously; however, there is no guarantee of confidentiality.