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University Staff Advisory Council Task Force - Fall 2007


The purpose of the task force is to collect staff expectations and goals for the planned staff advisory council and to provide recommendations to Interim President Davis on how to move forward in establishing the council. The council, once established, will discuss issues that impact non-faculty staff and serve as a source of advice to the President.

Task Force Members

  • Rodney P. McClendon, Chief of Staff - Office of the President, Chair
  • Karan Chavis, Executive Director for Administrative Services - Employee Services
  • Venesa Flores, Associate Registrar - Undergraduate Programs & Academic Services
  • Felix Flores, Jr., Maintenance Foreman - Division of Facilities
  • Victor Frysinger,SIMS Lead Security and Training Coordinator - Enterprise Information Systems
  • Michael Jackson, Library Specialist III - Libraries
  • Otis McGresham, Residence Hall Director - Division of Student Affairs
  • Paul Meyer, Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs & Assessment - Executive Vice President & Provost
  • Mona Osborne, Program Coordinator - Athletics
  • E. Jill Pollock, Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer - Division of Finance
  • Kimberlee Pottberg, Administrative Assistant - Vice President for Diversity
  • Shannon Prescott, Senior Administrative Coordinator - Deans' Administrative Liaison Council (DALC)
  • Joseph Reibenspies, Senior Research Instrumentation Specialist - Research Professionals
  • Nydia Riojas, Customer Service Associate - Dining Services
  • Nancy Sawtelle, Director of Communication - Executive Vice President & Provost
  • Rosemary Schoenfeld, Assistant to the Associate Director - Texas A&M University Association of Professional Support Staff (TAPSS)
  • Albert Broussard (ex-officio), Professor of History - Faculty

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